Friday, 30 September 2016

Pancakes & Processo in Bed.....

Pancakes & Processo in Bed is a blog edit where you will find an easy way to make healthy pancakes, a alternative healthy drink to prosecco and a few cute home accessories. 

Starting with Pancakes, these come from the Superfood Bakery. The pancakes are quick and easy also healthy for you too. You only need three eggs and some almond milk to add to the mixture. On top of that you can also add anything extra you would like. We added Raw Cacao protein to our pancakes to add a bit of protein after our gym day. This protein comes from Pure Blend Company, keep an eye on my blog for more ways to use this protein powder. 

After making the mixture you then need to cook the pancakes in a frying pan. I used coconut oil to stop the pancakes from sticking to the pan. I used The Natural Empire's coconut oil, this is a healthy alternative to normal oil or butter. When cooking the pancakes be sure to heat up the pan then take the pan off the hob to add the coconut oil and then add your mixture to the pan off the hob. As the mixture is quite thick and sticky it is hard to move around the pan to create it's shape so this is the best way to cook it. Also this helps make sure you get a nice colour to your pancakes and make sure they aren't over cooked. 

To add to the taste of the pancakes I added natural yoghurt, honey, coconut shavings and goji berries. The pancakes have a lovely taste of cinnamon and the yoghurt really compliments this taste along with the taste from the coconut shavings. The pancakes are quite heavy so you don't need to cook that many, I would definitely recommend sharing them with a friend. 

Continuing on the edit, the home accessories are from Coconut Lane online. This includes the Pancakes & Processo in Bed cushion and the 'too glam to give a damn' wall art. These can all be accessed from this link You can get 20% discount using my discount code which is vickymcgee20. 

On to our choice of drink. Along with the Pancakes why not indulge in a healthy alternative to processo with a non alcoholic sparkling green tea. This drink comes from Equinox Kombucha, I absolutely love this drink. In this edit we have the original and wild berry green tea. This drink is so light and refreshing and a great alternative for the day or if you aren't drinking a glass of bubbly swap it for this bottle of bubbly. ;) Keep an eye on my blog for more about this amazing drink. 

Love Vicky x

Photography by Sherrie Webster 

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