Friday, 23 September 2016

Get that Zen Feeling with Defying Gravity Yoga.....

Aeriel Yoga Class 

The yoga class was a truly amazing experience, definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. Starting and finishing with meditation, the class offers yoga in a very unique way, using hammocks. The hammocks help to develop your stretch. After completing the class you will feel relaxed and like you have done a good ab workout. 

Event: Mio Skincare 

Mio is a skincare brand which aims to give you fit skin for life. The yoga class was put on to launch the new Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga candle. The candle aims to relax your mind, ease your body whilst helping to aid meditation. It has a lovely lavender-mint scent to it which really helps relax you when meditating or doing yoga. I would definitely recommend burning this candle whilst doing these activities or even in the evening to relax after a long day. 

The candle comes in a range with other yoga products including a Liquid Yoga space spray and a Liquid Yoga bath soak. The Liquid Yoga spray was sprayed at the end of our yoga session and as so calming in it's scents. I also feel that this spray works really well to help you sleep if you spray it on your pillow. The Liquid yoga bath soak is incredible when used to unwind after a long day take a bath with this in. Absolutely Amazing! 

Leggings: Proskins 

These leggings from Proskins are Slim Classic Black Leggings and can be purchased online for £50 at 

What do these leggings do? 

 These leggings are clinically tested to show you that after 28 days:
76% Slimming efficacy 
Up to 2cm reduction on thigh perimeters 
65% efficacy reduction of fat nodes 
63% of users stated a reduction of cellulite 
72% of users feel lightness sensation 

So what do I think? 

When wearing them they are very comfortable and are skin tight. They don't feel heavy on my skin but still have a good grip to them. They are super easy to stretch in and great for a yoga class. If you can't attend any classes or do a workout, wearing these leggings for 8 hours a day will reduce cellulite so no need to panic. 

I like to have my legs out when doing high intensity cardio exercises however these leggings are so light weight I can easily wear them for a long run without feeling uncomfortable. As I am also a swimming teacher I can wear these on poolside when teaching and not worry about the fabric absorbing the splashes of water.

Water Bottle: HydrateM8 

HydrateM8 are the Uk's best selling motivational water bottles. I absolutely love this idea, I think it makes you think harder when you go for a sip of water. I have the pink bottle which has the quote "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" on it. I chose the quote as I felt like this could not only influence my workout routine but my day to day routine. Other quotes include: "Nothing worth having comes easy" and "Work Hard, Dream Big". These are just a select few of the many quotes to choose from. 

 The bottles are very water tight and will not leak. When used this water bottle I decided to add frozen strawberries and blueberries to it. The pieces of fruit act like ice to cool down the drink but also infuse fruit flavours into the water. These bottles are available at £13.99 online at

Trainers: Nike 

Top: Fabletics 

Love Vicky xx

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