Friday, 7 October 2016

Pre & Post Workout Snacks........


The raw paleo bars that I eat before my workout come from The Primal Pantry. The taste of the almond and cashew bar is very nutty but nice. You can really taste the cashews throughout and they give the bar a nice crunch to them. Throughout all the bars you have a strong nut taste to them which gives a really nice crunch throughout all the bars. My favour has got to be the Coconut and Macadamia bar as I love the taste of coconut at the moment. I find the bars quite big for me to eat at once so I normally eat half the bar before my workout and half after. The Primal Pantry also have more flavours in their collection including cocoa orange, mixed berries and brazil nut and cherry.They also have an advent calendar coming out for a healthy christmas snack.

For my protein smoothie as my post workout treat I used:
1 big banana
350ml of almond milk 
1 cup of yoghurt 
1 cup of oats
2 tsbp of pure blend's raw cacao protein powder
2 tbsp of honey 

I find this smoothie very thick and filling but great for after a workout. It is also easy to store all the ingredients in your cupboard and you don't have to worry about fruits going off too much. You can really taste the raw cacao from the Pure Blend Co protein powder coming through and gives an extra taste to the smoothie. You can also really taste the oats, I am obsessed with making this smoothie at the moment. 

My Workout Outfit:

Shoes - Nike
Leggings - Proskins Slim 
Top - New Look 
Sports Bra - Nike
Jumper - New Look 

Love Vicky xx

Photographer Isabella Lalthem 

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