Friday, 16 September 2016

'Posh Bits' for a Posh Girl.....

'Posh Bits' is a new product created by the brand Nakd. I absolutely love Nakd products and am a massive fan of their bars and nibble packs. 'Posh Bits' are known as guilt free snacking for when you are feeling like a little bite to eat. These 'Posh Bits' are guilt, wheat and diary free. They are also vegan friendly with no added sugars and syrups.  

Starting with the Cocoa Raspberry Bits, I love the shapes of the buts as they vary from hearts, to circles, to diamonds. It really makes the bits vary and a little bit more exciting to snack on. The taste of raspberry is very minimal and not too over powering with I love. I definitely have a sweet tooth so this taste is perfect for me. 

The Cocoa Sea Salt flavour are a very sophisticated flavour to the bits. Just like the raspberry ones they have a slight hit of taste to them. These aren't my favourite as the taste isn't as sweet as the raspberry ones but I definitely think if you have a more sophisticated taste you will enjoy them. 

Lastly in the collection there is the Cocoa Mandarin flavour. This yet again has a very slight taste to bits and isn't over powering. I also like this flavour due to my sweet tooth, it is like having a small and less powerfully flavouring Chocolate Orange. 

Overall my favourite in the selection is the Cocoa Raspberry but I do enjoy all of them. I think these 'Posh Bits' are perfect for snacks, after dinner treats with a cup of tea or even a snack after going to the gym. The size mean that you don't feel like you are eating too much but also they fill you up quite easily so you don't eat to eat a lot of them.

These 'Posh Bits' are not out on the market yet but online you can buy a 'Taster Box'. I would highly recommend buying these products with absolutely stunning flavours in them. The link is:

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