Friday, 4 November 2016

Maitre Choux.......

Maitre Choux is the first and only choux pastry specialist patisserie in the world. They are a modern version of a French patisserie, redesigned to cater to the most discerning of tastebuds. They have a three Michelin star experienced chef called Joakim Prat. Their shop is based in South Kensington and is absolutely adorable, it has been up and running for one and a half years now. I love the aesthetic of the shop and the design of the pastries. The size of the pastries are perfect, the eclairs are finished in about four bites which is perfect for a snack or light treat. 

The Green One - Persian Pistachio

 This eclair is topped with pistachios and mini meringues with a green icing. I absolutely love pistachio and anything flavoured it. The smell is just all round pistachio  This eclair is amazing, exactly what I was hoping for in the pistachio flavour. The pastry around the filling is light and not too filling which is nice if you want to eat the eclair for breakfast ora light after dinner snack or maybe even a snack on the go. The filling is to die for light and full of pistachio flavours. Absolutely amazing, I could eat these all day. 

The White One - Tahitian Vanilla 

The vanilla one is topped with caramelised almonds with a white with black speckled icing. The smell of this eclair is indescribable, I have never smelt this before. When biting into the eclair the filling really takes over your taste buds, it is absolutely incredible. You don't really taste the pastry or the toppings as the inside is so powerful but absolutely gorgeous.   

The Red One - Raspberry & Vanilla 

The topping on the raspberry is a thick red slab of vanilla icing with white chocolate across the top, obviously a raspberry on there and some gold leaf. The smell is very heavy of raspberry but then there is a fresh raspberry cut open on top so this smell is coming through strong. The filling inside the pastry is raspberry jam but the icing on top really compliments this well. I wasn't happy when I found out it was jam instead but with the icing it works so well. 

The Gold One -  Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate 

The Gold eclair is topped with gold and a layer of chopped hazelnuts underneath. The layer of chocolate on to is rally thick. The smell of the eclair is all round chocolate with a hint of hazelnuts a bit like nutella. This eclair is like biting into a nutella bomb with a crunch of nuts. It is like a posh nutella pastry. I love the taste but this is probably the heaviest eclair out of all of them. 

The Ball -  Dark Chocolate 

The presentation of the ball is amazing with a dark chocolate slab on top. This has a strong smell of dark chocolate, stating the obvious! The pastry on the outside of the ball is quite sugary and not what you expect when you look at it. The inside is a chocolate cream. This reminds me a lot of a chocolate profiterole. It is nice but definitely a dessert rather than a snack or breakfast. It is also a lot bigger than the eclairs so harder to eat, also with the cream exploding out. 

Overall my favourite has go to be the Tahitian Vanilla eclair. This is amazing, so delicious. The shop is located in South kensington, if you come out of the station and walk across the road near the The Ampersand Hotel, it is a grey hotel. The shop is directly opposite it. I would definitely suggest going, it is absolutely gorgeous and delicious. 

Love Vicky x

Photographs by Myself and Sherrie Webster 

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