Sunday, 5 October 2014

Barbie Shoot.....

So on Friday night I had another photoshoot this shoot was based on a photographer called Dina Goldstein and she does a real life short story barbie shoot. Therefore I wanted to do one too, I first looked at taking pictures of an actual barbie doll then wanted to look at making it real life. So for this shoot I had my friend Melissa help me out by being my model. I had set up the shoot to be in give different scenes that barbie would be in. 

This shoot was of real things barbie would do and then a domestic barbie that looked quite weird and went against the character of barbie. In each scene I used one soft box to light the area and model. To make Melissa look more like barbie I used facepaint to draw the lines from the joints on the barbie. This worked really well as it looked realistic. In my photos you can see the lines I put on her. This shoot was so much fun to come up with ideas, shoot and set up. Also I feel that the results are amazing an everything worked so well. Here are a few of my best pictures. 

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