Thursday, 16 February 2017

My Workout Routine....


Since it is two years since my weight loss post that everyone enjoyed so much, I thought I would write a workout routine post and show you guys how this has changed since that post. I try to go the gym two or three times a week. If I can't I normally do a workout at home instead. When I go to the gym I start on the treadmill. I start with a brisk walk for five minutes to warm up then I do a steady 10-15 minute run depending on how I feel on the day. After that I start to increase the speed to sprint speeds for five minutes just to push myself at the end. Then the treadmill automatically starts a cool down which is a slow walking pace for five minutes. 

I then like to move on to the climber or stepper, these are very similar machines so I tend to just do one, depending on which is taken and which isn't the climber is basically like climbing upstairs. If you watch Kourtney Kardashian's snapchat she posts this a lot on there. I do this for 5-10 minutes. The stepper I would do at the same length of time but this machine is more like pedalling and stepping than climbing up stairs. 

I will then go do a 15 minute ab workout consisting of sit ups, press ups, russian twists, knee touches, toe touches, bicycle, crunches, leg raises and many more I can't think of right now. 

I really am into building up muscle and toning my body this year and to do this you have to eat well along with exercising. I decided in January that I wanted to start using protein shakes after workouts. My initial reaction was well which brand do I buy and where can I find the perfect brand. I have been really interested in Cute Nutrition recently that produce cocktail flavoured proteins. I may get this one next time, I just wish there was a way to try them online! 

I then found out that Protein World were doing 30% off discount and then decided to get some from there. Their proteins comes in Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla. I decided to get Vanilla as I thought the others would be too strong and as this is my first time using protein shakes I thought it would be better to get a plainer flavour to start off with. The protein arrived two days after I ordered it. It came super quick and actually arrived two days before it was scheduled to. The Vanilla shake powder I put with water because that is what they suggest, I found the taste quite sweet therefore next time I would like to try it with almond milk instead. 

I also was sent some whey protein from The Pure Blend Co against ago and decided to try there powder in a shake as well. I have Chocolate flavour and Acai berry flavour and have tried them both with almond milk and they taste amazing!

So does it really work? And is it going to improve my abs? Only time will tell and I will let you guys know. I have noticed a little difference since I have started. 

Love Vicky x

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