Monday, 27 February 2017

Coldpress Juices.........

In 2006, Andrew, their founder, and Bradley, our technical whizz, transformed the Australian juice market by pioneering cold pressed technology that could naturally retain more taste, more nutrients and vitamins than pasteurised juices before introducing their distinctive hexagonal bottles to the UK in 2011.

This juice stood out to me when I was on the Coldpress website. It is a Passion Fruit Apple Juice. This bottle is 750 ml. This is so refreshing and tastes really tropical. It tastes like a Pornstar Martini but without the alcohol, this is definitely an amazing juice. 

These two smoothies caught my eye as soon as I got the delivery. The reason why was because they contained Almond Milk and were really thick smoothies. These bottles are 250 ml. The Banana Raw Cacao smoothie only has 201 calories and contains Almond, Banana, Apple, Lemon, Raw Cacao and Cinnamon. This smoothie is also dairy free. I love this smoothie it has an amazing taste and is really thick but doesn't have any big bits in it. This smoothie is so filling I could easily have one for breakfast and be fine till lunch. The Very Berry smoothie is really filling too. I find that I can drink this at lunch but then at three or four o'clock I get hungry so have to snack on some cashews. This Very Berry smoothie is only 12o calories and so delicious. 

The first smoothie of these I tried was the Mango and Passionfruit one. This has the texture of a juice rather than a smoothie. It isn't thick at all and I was able to drink a lot in one go. I love the flavours in this smoothie, I really am a tropical girl and love a tropical smoothie. The strawberry and banana smoothie was exactly what I expected in taste but what I love about these smoothies is that they aren't too thick and don't have bits in them. As you all know I love the taste of coconut and the Coconut, Pineapple and Banana smoothie was incredible. All the flavours together are more tropical, it reminds me of a holiday and just lying on the beach. 

I love all these juices and smoothie and would really suggest you pick them up as a healthy snack or drink alternative in the day. Coldpress Juices can be found in Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsburys, Ocado, Morrisons, Budgens and Co Operative. Their website is

Love Vicky x

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