Monday, 9 January 2017

My Go To Breakfast......

As the title implies this blog shows my go to breakfast ideas. I love having yogurt for breakfast but also for lunch too. I am obsessed at the moment. The Collective company supply the most delicious yoghurt and all these products in this blog are from their company. 

To start with the Russian Fudge yoghurt, I have actually had this yoghurt before and knew it was absolutely incredible, and this time it was as well. The yoghurt is so creamy and the fudge flavour really enhances the flavour of the creamy texture. 

I put this yoghurt with:

Sainsbury's strawberry Granola
Coconut pieces


Compared to the Russian Fudge this yoghurt was a little bit of a disappointment. I was torn between choosing Passionfruit or Mango when at the store. I choose Mango, again the yoghurt is very creamy and you have a really strong taste of mango. I wish I had chosen Passionfruit because I feel that the mango was too strong of a flavour for me personally. I prefer the Russian Fudge. 

I put this yoghurt with:

Jordan's Granola
Coconut pieces
Goji berries


The Collective yoghurt company have now released a straight up plan yoghurt. I love plain yoghurt and this is what I always eat at lunch time. I like to put honey with the yoghurt to give it a little sweet flavour just a hint. I put this yoghurt with Tesco's honey and almond granola, this is one of the best granola's I have had very simple but tasty. 

You can find the Collective Company's Yoghurt at local stores including Tesco, Sainsbury's and Waitrose. 

Love Vicky x

Photographs by Myself 

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