Thursday, 23 February 2017

How to Get Those Abs........

Kin is a dynamic platform for your health and wellbeing journey. Founded by husband and wife team Kyle and Kelly Maslen.

I was sent the travel packets of Kin Nutrition. These are one protein tubs on protein. I have used a lot of protein recently and I was intrigued by the interesting flavours they had to offer. I was sent the Strawberry and Cookies and Cream flavours.


I tried the strawberry first as I have seen this flavour of protein before. It definitely tastes like strawberry and is so creamy. I put this favour with cashew milk. I normally use almond milk but i saw cashew in the shop and preferred that one at the time. I then again put the Cookies and Cream protein with Cashew Milk. The taste of this protein is very sweet and not as light as the strawberry one. I have got to say I love the strawberry flavour but would definitely recommend both. You can also put these with water but I prefer the taste of a nut milk with them. 

The travel Collection can be found at here.

Love Vicky x

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