Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Tea Tree Scalp Care by Paul Mitchell.......

I was lucky enough to go along to the launch of Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Scalp Care hair range. The actually products are launching out to the public in January 2017. The event was located in Moorgate at a lovely place called the Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings. The Buildings is a stunning Brasserie, Bar and Cafe. The launch for Paul Mitchell was located in the Greenhouse of the building. As you can see in the photos above it was an absolutely amazing setting and I think the perfect aesthetic of this launch. 

Moving on to the products, they are designed to slow down the process of thinning hair. To keep healthy hair you need to start by having a healthy scalp and this is where this product 'Scalp Care' is useful. Both men and women can use it and at any age. The products are infused with exclusive Regeniplex botanical blend to help make your hair thicker and give it more volume. The exclusive Refeniplex blend contains Kakadu plum, pea peptides, clover flower, turmeric and ginseng to stimulate the scalp. 

Starting from the left we have the Anti-Thinning Shampoo. This product is used first and is used to remove impurities to prime the scalp for stronger, thicker looking hair. This shampoo also adds volume by thickening each strand. Moving on to the Conditioner this lightweight conditioner detangles fine and fragile hair. This detangles the hair without weighing it down. The last product that you put in your hair is the Tonic, you need to put this in your hair twice a day. It is a spray that helps create an optimal scalp environment for thicker, stronger and fuller hair. This product helps to increase hair density and encourage healthy hair growth.

What Do I Think?  

As I am a swimming teacher and love to swim myself I am always worried about the health of my hair and if my hair is getting thinner. I also like to change my hair colour very often so I worry that if I do this too much that my hair is not going to be healthy. Having used the products myself, my hair feels so much stronger and healthier. I love using the shampoo and conditioner but I am not so good at using the tonic. As you are supposed to put in twice a day, I just forget to do it or am too busy. 



100ml £7.25 RRP
300ml £16.95 RRP
1000ml £37.95 RRP


100ml £7.50 RRP
300ml £17.95 RRP
1000ml £38.95 RRP


50ml £18.95 RRP
100ml £37.95 RRP

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