Tuesday, 17 October 2017


This blog post is in collaboration with Desenio. The code “VICKY” gives 25% off posters, (except “handpicked” posters and frames), between 17th - 19th October.

Desenio are a company that specialise in wall arts for your home to decorate. They have a wide range of prints available online to order and in variety of sizes. I have seen this company about quite a bit, and have also noticed that they feature in many reality TV programmes too. The website is super easy to use with prints in catoregies and telling you which are the most popular. When you purchase a print or poster you can also decide to purchase a frame with it as well in a variety of different colours, I think this is perfect because the amount of times I have ordered a print and then had to go on Amazon and order a frame too is so silly! Their website can be found here…… https://desenio.co.uk/

I decided to get this ‘Five Coffee Classics’ print as I am obsessed with coffee, have to start my day with at least one. I also go out to coffee shops and buy a lot of coffees, but I want to start making them at home to save money so I thought this print would be perfect to remind me to actually make my own coffee.

This ‘Breathe’ print is very simple and classic but I think ties in well with the ‘Dandelion No.1’ print. They are both just black and white but really give me that feeling of nature and calm. With the Dandelion blowing off this really reminds me of an open field in the middle of the country where I can relax, I really need this feeling in my busy life! ‘Breathe’ a simple yet effective print, you need to take some time to yourself in the day so what better print to remind you of that than this one?

Continuing with the theme of relaxation and keeping calm I think ‘Hide’ is another print that is beautiful. At first I wasn’t to sure about this to pick as a print as I thought it might be a bit to deep but it depends how you picture it. I see a beautiful girl sitting in a relaxed position very happy with her life.

‘Hummingbird’ is a simple, beautiful and very natural print, bringing something a bit more different to my mixture of prints and being that sense of nature again back to my room. It has a little bit of colour to it which helps to brighten my room a little since I choose so many prints with minimal colours.

I am a period at the moment where I love plants, I am sure that most people do but I feel that as winter is coming we need to keep our rooms as bright and lively as we can in these dark months and I think that ‘Shadow’ is the perfect print to do this. Along with ‘Sunlight’ these two prints really remind me on the summer months we have and those gorgeous summer holidays away. Whenever I am on holiday I am obsessed with the beauty of the palm trees and how they look. As a photographer, this lighting and shadow play in these prints really fascinated me and I just had to get them.

This company is one of the best print companies I know of and it perfect for bringing a little bit of character to your room without it costing a lot. All seven of my prints, all with frames came to £100.30, so basically £14 a print with frame, BRILLANT! You would probably just get a frame for that price on Amazon. You can find all their prints and posters here…… https://desenio.co.uk/en/artiklar/posters-prints/index.html

Love Vicky x

Here are some other products that I like from their company, just follow the link but remember the code “VICKY” gives 25% off posters, (except “handpicked” posters and frames), between 17th - 19th October.









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