Friday, 2 December 2016

Need Help Cooking Healthy Meals?......

I was lucky enough to be able to attend Nutrition Expert Alli Godbold demonstrating some healthy recipes from around the world. These gluten free recipes, use fresh, natural and unprocessed ingredients are not only nutritious, but will be ready in less than 30 minutes. Alli Godbold I base in Chiswick and taking workshop bookings of 6 or more people. More information on Alli can be found her

This demonstration took place in the Queens Lodge Kitchens in Chobham. The whole program is arranged and managed by Vicki Millar. She also does a variety of other workshops too. This year she has had worksop including food with bowls and tapas bites, chocolate celebration cakes, christmas wreaths, freeze and prepare ahead for christmas. Other workshops can be found here

I don't want to tell you any of the recipes as I think it is interesting for you to find yourself and look at Alli's work a bit more. 

Lebanese Baba Ganoush with Super Healthy Flaxseed Crackers 

These Flaxseed Crackers will save you from guilty snacking, they are so delicious and you will want more and more after having just one. With the Baba Ganoush this was amazing to learn how to make a dip that isn't machine processed. I always buy my dips from the store and now I can make my own at home that is so delicious. This dip goes amazingly with the crackers and they were compliment each other.


Hot and Spicy Thai Salad  

I love thai salad, since I tried it when I went to Thailand. I am not going to lie this wasn't my favourite recipe but still a very strong taste and amazing texture but I personally just preferred the others more. I would definitely recommend this to vegetarians. 


Miso Salmon with Radish and Courgette Salad 

I am obsessed with Salmon and especially cooked salmon rather than smoked. I also make salmon at home but always make the same thing with no seasoning on top of my salmon, if i do put seasoning I put a bit of soya sauce on. Therefore this recipe was perfect for me, to add a bit of seasoning to my salmon and also vary what I put my salmon with. 


Banana Nutty Ice Cream

This is so healthy and absolutely stunning to eat. The ingredients include almond butter, cocoa, banana and many more. Although this doesn't use the fundamentals of homemade ice cream it still has  the texture and creamy taste of ice cream without the guilt. I absolutely loved this and wanted more after I had tried it. I will definitely be making this at home as it is so easy and a healthy alternative to Ben and Jerry's. :) 


Love Vicky x

Photographs by myself. 


  1. Nutritionist Alli Godbold is amazing. Her recipes are simple, delicious and healthy. She is a source of knowledge and it is always interesting to listen to her words of wisdom and also so hear other people's questions and concerns.
    I would really recommend one of her demonstrations

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