Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Brick Lane Froyo.......

The different flavours of frozen yoghurts you can choose between are:

Natural - so plain yoghurt.
Dulce De Leche - which has a toffee and caramel flavour to it.
Peanut Butter - which is self explanatory.
Chocolate Hazelnut - which is like nutella.
Tropical - which is made of coconut cream and coconut milk making this frozen yoghurt vegan. 


The toppings are to die for. There is such a variety and an amazing selection. There is:

Homemade Brownies - Raspberry, Plain and Peanut Butter 
Chocolate Buttons

You then can choose a sauce between honey, chocolate or caramel. 


So what did I choose? 

Based on the testers we got to try I really enjoyed the Dulce De Leche, I thought this was a very unique flavour to other Frozen Yoghurt shops and I loved the creamy taste. I was in a debate as to whether to go for the plain but I thought that I would be different. Also if you love your fruits I would definitely go for the Tropical, it is so light in your mouth. After that Toppings, this was such a hard decision. At first my eyes went straight to the chocolate buttons so on they went. I then was told you have to have a homemade brownie, so I chose the Raspberry one and then strawberries as well. As for the sauce I decided to go with honey as I didn't want a too over powering sauce or flavour as the frozen yoghurts flavour was so unique itself. 


Love Vicky x

Photographs by Sherrie Webster and Myself 

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