Friday, 14 October 2016

Healthy Breakfast on the Go.......

Healthy Breakfast on the Go is an edit about a fast way to pick up breakfast in the house for when you are on the go. I love to have a drink to wake me up in the morning with a light healthy breakfast bar. 

Starting with the smoothies I drink I love these from B fresh, keep reading to find my cereal bar to go with it and find out my favourite smoothie. I am very particular about the smoothies I have so I normally buy freshly made ones but these are great to store in your fridge and just grab on the go. 

Starting with the Golden Glow, this smoothie includes orange, turmeric, carrot and apple. Strawberry Fields has strawberry, apple, carrot, cucumber and beetroot in it. I am not a massive fan of vegetables in smoothies but these smoothies don't have a strong taste of veg and are mixed well with the fruit flavours too. 

Green Warrior has spinach, apple, kale, ginger, cucumber and kale in it. Rock the Beets includes the flavours of Beetroot, spinach, apple and lemon. The texture of the smoothies are nice and smooth and not chunky like homemade smoothies. Sometimes it is nice to have something to chew in your smoothie but in a morning with a breakfast bar I think this texture is perfect.

Sweet Greens is an interesting take on a classic green smoothie. Flavours include Apple, Spinach, Lemon and Kale. 

Green Glow has cucumber, spinach, iceberg romaine, kale, lemon and ginger in it. I am not a massive fan of ginger but the taste is very subtle in this smoothie and works well with the rest of the tastes coming through. 

The Breakfast bars that I think are perfect for on the go are the Perkier Bars, with many different flavours to choose from you will also find the flavour you are wanting in the morning. 


The Goji and Cranberry Bar tastes so good with a really strong taste of Cranberry going through it. The Cashew, Chia and Pumpkin Bar is very crisp as you can probably tell from it's ingredients. I am obsessed with coconut flavours at the moment so the Coconut and Chia is perfect to fulfil those coconut carvings. 

If you really want something chocolaty this is a great supplement to be healthy. This bar has a hint of chocolate taste without being too heavy. There is a strong taste of cashew which I like as sometimes you don't want a heavy taste of nuts or a heavy crunch. The Oaty Cranberry and Cashew bar yet again doesn't have a strong texture of nuts or taste and is still quite soft. The bar is quite soft but still gives a clean cut when you bite into it. 

Overall I think that the Goji and Cranberry has got to be my favour bar and the Strawberry Fields smoothie has got to be my favourite. 

Perkier bars can be found at
B Fresh Smoothies can be found at

My Breakfast on the Go Outfit: 

Jacket: Topshop 
Top: Topshop
Jeans: Levi 
Shoes: Reebok 
Choker: Missy Empire 
Bag: Michael Kors 

Love Vicky x

Photography by Isabella Lalthem and Myself

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