Monday, 16 February 2015

My Weight Loss.....

Recently I have been on a diet and workout programme. I created the diet myself and took the workout programme from personal trainers and my dance sessions. I wanted to feel better in myself and flatten my tummy out. 

My diet takes part in the week, I don't eat breakfast or I have a coffee then for the rest of the day I have porridge and a juice drink. Then I can eat what I want to for dinner. The porridges can be any flavour and our really good for you as it contains energy so will get you through the day. The juice I like to drink are from coldpress, I either have a juice or a smoothie drink from them. On the weekend I can eat what I want to eat. 

My workout programme consists of 4 minutes of running/jumping/jumping jacks. I then do an ab workout for 3-5 minutes. I normally do crunches, crunch pulses, bicycle kicks, plank, superman and ball sit ups. I started with crunches and ball sit ups at the start but then after that I started to build them up to do different exercises as I was getting stronger. I then very evening after my workout try to do an activity whether it is dancing or swimming. I don't do an activity on friday and saturday nights. I try to eat my dinner before I go to do these activities as then I am more likely to burn those calories off. 

To keep track of everything I was doing I created a chart this has the date down the side and then at the top running, ab workout, breakfast, lunch and the weight. This means I could keep track of everything I do in the day. I normally weight myself every morning to give a better idea of how much I have loss. You should weight yourself at the same time everyday to get a good idea of how much weight you lose.

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