Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Add a Splash of Pink to Your Activewear.....



Sports Bra - Tenn Outdoors 
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Leggings - Tenn Outdoors 
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Bomber Jacket - Topshop 
Couldn't find the exact one but Click Here

Trainers - Reebok 
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Sunglasses - H&M 
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Here I wear a size 8 which is a little big for me but I am very petite and short. These leggings are low waisted and I normally prefer high waisted leggings but I love these. They are really flattering and very comfortable. I love to wear sportswear around the house and out to food shopping, I would feel very comfortable to do this in these leggings.


Love Vicky x

Photographs by Alex Johnson

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  1. Oh my god! You look fantastic in these workout leggings. I am definitely going to follow your blog religiously from now on. I simply loved your style, you look great in whatever you wear. Oh! I have to hit the gym as soon as possible.