Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Joe Delucci's Gelato for That Cheat Day.........

Joe Delucci's gelato is known for it's range of unique taste of gelato and also known for most of the gelato's being fat free or low fat. I went to the Joe Delucci's Gelato store in Westfield, White City. It is located just near Five Guys, Zizzi and Debenhams. Dairy-free, gluten-free and fat-free available. Our gelato contains no artificial preservatives, colourings or genetically modified ingredients. 


I never thought that cheesecake could be a flavour gelato but this one is amazing. Probably one of my favourites! The taste is so creamy yet light.  


If you like chocolate I would suggest this gelato. It is very much like a nutella gelato and has those flavours of chocolate and hazelnut coming through. I found this gelato too rich for me personally but if you love nutella, you will love this. 


I am loving coconut flavours at the moment so you won't be surprised that I pick to try the coconut gelato. I love this to light and tasty if you don't want a heavy gelato. The coconut flavour comes through really strong and works really well. Per 100g this gelato contains 198.40 calories.

Coconut with Pineapple

This pineapple gelato is fat and diary free. Per 100g this pineapple gelato contains 131 calories. After trying Coconut, it was suggested to myself that I tried coconut and pineapple together. This tastes just like a Pina Colada and reminds you of the beach. So tropical and absolutely delightful, both the flavours go so well together.

Mango Sorbet 

This sorbet is fat and diary free. Per 100g this sorbet contains 123.70 calories. I absolutely love mango sorbet and this definitely lived up to my standards with a fresh taste of mango coming through, the sorbet is very lightweight and melt smoothly on your tongue. 

Lemon Sorbet 

This is fat free.  Per 100g this sorbet contains 116.30 calories. This sorbet is very sharp. I really enjoy sorbet but I found this too much for myself. If you like the taste of sharp lemon then this is for you. 

Soft Ice 

I didn't know what soft ice was until explained and trying this. This is basically like the Mr Whippy 99 ice cream we probably all had as kids. This version taste slightly different but still just as amazing as the original. 


This Sundae is made up of Caramel Sauce, Vanilla gelato, Cheesecake gelato and Caramel gelato with a flake on top. I had previously tried the cheesecake but not the vanilla and Caramel.Cheesecake is still my favourite but the caramel was also really creamy which is why they went well together. The Vanilla was at the bottom so I couldn't really taste it without the other flavours but still the whole mixture was so nice. 

Love Vicky x

Photographs by Abbie Winterford

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