Saturday, 6 September 2014

Glamour Photoshoot....

I haven't really done a blog about my photography or photoshoots before so I thought I would start now. Recently I purchased some stuff for my studio at home. I already had a stand for my studio but it came with white fabric which creased quite easily so I bought a roll of white paper which helped a lot to make my photos more professial as there were no creases in the paper. I bought this paper off amazon along which some soft box studio lights. These are two studio lights that I put either side of the studio. This also helped to make my photos look better. Here is a picture of my set up and also to show that I put my studio in my garage cause that is the only place it will fit as it is quite big. 

So to go on to the photoshoot. This photoshoot is for my A level portfolio and it is based on the photographer Horst. The style of photos he took were very vintage and 1920s glamour looking, he also shot in black and white so I did the same. I tried to keep the 1920s fashion style through out my photoshoot. I am so happy with the photos and how the whole shoot went. My model was my stunning friend Kelly who had the 1920s looking body. As she is tall. I also had my friend priyanka doing hair and makeup. I had two different looks for the photoshoot so two different changes and each time, the hairstyles and makeup were incredible. If you would like to see more of my photos from this shoot or any other shoots like my Facebook page at 

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