Monday, 26 May 2014

Just Me…...

Hi my name is Victoria Elizabeth McGee Or VickyLizzie for short. I am 17 and currently studying at school. I have started this blog to show you how my life is. I am a student, dancer, swimmer and photographer. I wanted to study Fashion Photography when I am older and am really in to fashion. So why start a blog? To get my name out there and to show you guys what my life is like. My life consists of many ups and downs that I would like to share with you. So a bit about myself. This is the hard bit…. as you know I am a swimmer and dancer but my social life still goes on. I love hanging out with my friends every weekend and they are the best. I have an amazing man in my life that hopefully you will be seeing a lot of and I love my family to pieces. My life at the moment consists of studying hard to pass my AS Levels. My favourite colour is like a latte colour (a nude brown). My favourite place to eat is Wagamamas. My favourite thing to do is to go to London as it is so busy and full of things to do. So that is a bit of insight in to my life and more to come. I hope you like this blog and post any ideas of blogs you would like me to talk about. 

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  1. Looking forward to reading all about those really close family friends too - you know, the ones you all just couldn't do without LOL