Friday, 24 March 2017

Perfect Pink Activewear.....


Sports Bra - Tenn Outdoors 
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Leggings - Tenn Outdoors 
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Trainers - Reebok 
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Sunglasses - H&M 
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This Pro-Fit outfit isn't out yet but is coming out as part of their Spring/Summer Collection. Keep an eye on the link for the launch of this gorgeous outfit. I wear size 8 which is a little big on me but I am petite and very short. I love this legging and sports bra set, the colours are to die for and will really brighten up for Spring workout routine. The material is super comfortable and thick but not too thick that you can't run in them. Although the material isn't so thin that the leggings are see through or you can see anything you don't want to.

Love Vicky x

Photographs by Alex Johnson 

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